Amending an employee’s term of employment can be a dicey situation for employers. Any changes after persuading an employee to move their family can be even more difficult. A family may have two earning members, children, and even some elderly relatives. Moving to a new place requires a lot of time, money and effort. Employees might take some time to settle down to the new place and to the new role. Employees should seek out help from employment law firms Toronto before they commit to major changes in a career like moving to a new location to protect their career interests in case of any disrupting factor.

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Someone like Bernice, who worked for nearly 20 years in the accounting department of her company, would have worked their way to the position of manager of accounting and supply chain finance. When the facility in southwest Ontario, where she was working, was closed, she was offered a position in Toronto as a senior manager. Employment law firms Toronto can be consulted to understand the terms and conditions of any new offer being given at a new location as it requires a lot of effort and commitment.

Bernice decided to move as the new offer had a higher salary and the opportunity for career growth and professional advancement, even though it was a big move for her family. A year later, when the new company merged with another company, Bernice’s responsibility for payroll was removed, which she had supervised for many years. Employment law firms Toronto can help find suitable jobs for employees who have specialized skill sets in similar industries in various locations. They can also help look for similar roles in their native place so that they don’t have to move.

Without her consultation, the payroll clerk who reported to her had been transferred. Twenty percent of her job responsibilities vanished with that move. Complains by email didn’t help her in any way. A few weeks later, a big part of the major project she was leading had been removed from her. This reduced another twenty percent of her responsibilities. Bernice had to report to her replacement for the project. Workplace disruptions can cause a lot of issues and hence employment law firms Toronto can help resolve certain problems before they get out of hand.

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Complaints to her boss did not bear any result, who only asked her to keep focused and wait for better things in the future. Later she found out that, she would have to report to a manager at the same level as her. The new boss of accounts payable informed her that the new company was outsourcing that function. When she asked about her career plans, they didn’t have any plans. She felt like another number that didn’t matter, after moving to Toronto. The company decided to move its headquarters, which also doubled her daily commute. In such cases, it is advisable to contact an employment law firm Toronto to understand what can be done in such a complicated situation. Employees have certain rights and employers should abide by them.